Nuri Sanendita

Design is not a new thing for me. I know various design tools first when I was at 1st year in high school. I learn and start to create something cool like vector, magazine cover, photo editing, flash animation, etc. A year after that, I learned how to implemented design through a website. Yeah, I start code for web since at high school and the make it specific to user interface design after that (in that time, I don’t even know it called user interface hahaha. I just called it a website, or a website display).

Last year of high school is kinda like short and very hard time. I just like erased all my beautiful and good looking things in my head, and starting to study a lot to allow enroll my dream campus. And, yeah I made it! And guess what, I accidentally choose Information Technology Major. Actually, it wasn’t my interest to learn about information technology.

For years I struggle to studying, to understand what is this major about. In my 3rd year, it feels like I just got slapped, that I’ve been (maybe) slept with the open eyes for my last years. Yup, I just realize that I am the one of luckiest people in the world. I can applied all of my knowledge about design or web design through studying in this major. But, I know that I woke up too late, it’s better late rather than never.

Information technology is one of the biggest and the most happening industry right now. I focus to studying about deliver a useful and beautiful product digital such as website and apps, or it usually called UI/UX Design. As a stakeholder, I’m not sure that only with a good design will make a product useful. Then, I learned about User Experience (UX) Research, which means that to deliver a useful product need a research on it. A research that can
engage both users and stakeholders to make an excellent and useful digital product.

I always remember that letter U in UI or UX means User. It means everything that you create, develop, and deliver always come from user and it will back again to user. So, who we are? Are we just designer who draw and create what they want? No, we are a bridge. A bridge that connect user to something that they need, not all of they wanted is their needed. A bridge must be strong and sturdy, then it can sustain everything that people need.

There are some people said that UI/UX only about designing, drawing, sketching, or etc. But hey, users get what they see.
And remember the “U”, it’s for U :)

As I end this note, I can declare myself as a UX Enthusiast. I’m still on learning process to become a UX Designer and Researcher

Nuri Sanendita
October, 1st 2017

Pardon, my words. I’ll try my best to written and spoke in English :)

Thank you, for reading my post. Have a nice day!