Nuri Sanendita


  • Riries D. Gupita

    Riries D. Gupita

    ISFJ | Beauty Newbie |

  • Upik Novitasari

    Upik Novitasari

    Software Quality Assurance

  • Nadya Arizka

    Nadya Arizka

    Product Designer |

  • Zach Grosser

    Zach Grosser

    Freelance Presentation Designer at in Amsterdam. Editor of Co-host & Editor of Bézier and Charged Tech podcasts.

  • Jeffrey Field

    Jeffrey Field

    It ain't what you think. Former newsman, car salesman, teacher. Everything is Thou, if you so allow it. You can find some of it at

  • Jordan Himawan

    Jordan Himawan

  • Ervan M Wirawan

    Ervan M Wirawan

    Design & Strategy — Designing Experience that Matters

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