Nuri Sanendita

Hello everyone! I’m back with another fun experiment 🌚. This time I explore about rapid prototyping.

Pumpkin App, Designed by Me :)

It’s been known that rapid prototyping is related to coding stuff. Us, the designers, often don’t have the privilege to learn how to code and always busy to make “a cutting edge visual”. And when it’s time to make the design into a prototype, it’s a not fun process (for…

Design is not a new thing for me. I know various design tools first when I was at 1st year in high school. I learn and start to create something cool like vector, magazine cover, photo editing, flash animation, etc. A year after that, I learned how to implemented design…

Nuri Sanendita

Product Designer | Tech Hustler | and... whatever you call 🙈 |

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